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UAV and Drone Camera Solutions

A drone in flight with camera fixed below it

UAVs and drones are being used in an increasing number of applications, including surveillance, warehousing, final mile deliveries, defense and military situations. Receiving real-time, high-resolution image data from these UAVs is often critical to the success of an operation.

Block and board cameras for UAVs

Our Harrier AF-Zoom cameras and Oriole board cameras offer light and compact solutions for imaging in UAVs. Powerful zoom options, multiple outputs and global shutter varieties mean that there’s a perfect camera for drones of all sizes, weights and purposes. Benefits of using one of these cameras include:

  • Light weight (from 25-450g) for mounting on small, medium or large drones
  • Real-time video transmission
  • High-resolution imaging – Full HD video and 4K video options available
  • Outputs include LVDS, 3G-SDI, USB, HDMI, Ethernet IP and MIPI CSI-2

We’re seeing an increase in enquiries for vision systems for military UAVs and drones for agritech, cameras for industrial inspection drones and aerial cameras for delivery UAVs, to name just a few. Harrier block cameras deliver powerful and flexible imaging as helicopter mounted cameras, fixed-wing drone cameras and UAV imaging systems.

Read our blog to see how our cameras can be integrated into a range of vision systems for drones.

To compare the features of our Harrier cameras and see which which  one will best suit you, download our Cameras for UAVs and Gimbals flyer.

Drone applications our AF-Zoom cameras can been used for

  • Law enforcement
  • Covert surveillance
  • Remote inspection and surveying
  • Defect detection
  • Gas leak detection
  • Farming and agritech
  • Defense, security and border protection
  • Critical deliveries

Drones shown in agritech, wind power plant inspection, defense and retail delivery service applications


Steatite – Computing, Navigation and Power Solutions for drones

For computing, navigation and power solutions for drones, our sister company, Steatite, can assist. Download our guide on Selecting the Right Technology for UAVs to see how to combine the best batteries, computing, comms and imaging tools to create the optimum UAV. Additionally, Steatite Power custom design battery packs specifically for UAVs, optimising SWaP, cell chemistries and temperature management.

This infographic gives examples of the available technology for UAVs and drones, more solutions can be custom-designed.


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