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Product photo custom carrier board ST01

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Custom Carrier Board – ST01

  • Custom designed embedded imaging system.
  • Reception of wireless IP video, conversion to FPD-Link III and display in real-time.
  • Robust design for harsh environmental conditions.
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The Custom Carrier Board – ST01 is designed and manufactured by Active Silicon for a transport application in a joint project with our sister company, Steatite. As a specialist display output unit it operates at the heart of an in-cab rail system.

The board receives IP video sent wirelessly from the platform edge, converts it to FPD-Link III and transmits it to two LCD displays within the driver’s cab to allow real-time surveillance of the platform edge, even on curved platforms. The custom carrier board’s robust design ensures that the desired functionality operates flawlessly in demanding environmental conditions and can withstand the intense vibrations that occur in rail applications.

Optimized for this specific project and with a long product life guarantee that ensures form, fit and function will stay the same over the required time period, this custom imaging carrier board increases the safety of one-person-operated trains.

If you require a custom carrier board / embedded system with high reliability and long product life, please contact us for further details.