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3 Harrier AF-Zoom USB cameras

Discover the Benefits of USB Cameras

April 10, 2024

USB is a plug-and-play interface commonly found on most PCs and embedded processors. The USB Video Class (UVC) supports high data rate uncompressed video transmission and camera control over one USB connection/cable.

UVC has been implemented on Windows and Linux, enabling easy integration of high-performance USB cameras with PCs and x86/ARM based embedded systems.

Machine vision specific applications can also take advantage of the USB3 Vision standard. This is why USB cameras are becoming increasingly widespread in industrial and inspection applications, for example: ROVs, robotics, industrial automation and IoT devices.

Further advantages of USB cameras include:

  • Data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps
  • Compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems for simple interoperability
  • UVC/USB3 Vision standards for camera control
  • Lightweight, low-cost cables with lengths up to 3m
  • Support for power delivery up to ~7.5W
  • High resolution uncompressed video up to 1080p at 60Hz
  • Cost-effective implementation

Harrier USB autofocus-zoom cameras

Our extensive range of autofocus-zoom cameras (including models from Sony and Tamron) can be extended with our Harrier USB camera interface boards to provide a UVC interface. These compact, lightweight cameras include optical zoom from 10x up to 55x, rolling or global shutters and up to 1080p60 video over USB.

The flexibility, compact size and reliability of Harrier USB cameras make them suitable for a range of applications. UVC support on Linux for ARM based systems enables our USB cameras to be supported without the need for additional drivers, supporting developers in implementing energy efficient, cost effective and versatile embedded video systems.

Applications for USB block cameras

We have seen particular interest for these autofocus-zoom cameras in the growing drone and autonomous system market, specifically for use in remote surveillance, defense and law enforcement.

In the medical market, these cameras are ideal for devices used to assist visual impairment as well as more widely for recording surgical procedures.

Take a look at our USB block cameras, or explore the full Harrier AF-Zoom camera range.