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Sony FCB-EV7520 and -EV7520A

Part Number: AS-SONY-FCB-EV7520 | AS-SONY-FCB-EV7520A

  • Autofocus-zoom camera.
  • High performance 30x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom.
  • F1.6 aperture.
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 60 fps output.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 89.7 x 50.0 x 60.0mm.
  • HD Digital image output (LVDS).
  • Visibility Enhancer function.
  • 1/2.8”-type Exmor R Sony CMOS image sensor.
  • STARVIS back-illuminated pixel technology.
  • Shutter speed 1/1 to 1/10,000 sec.
  • Compatible with all Active Silicon Harrier camera interface boards.
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Products Specs


Ordering Info

The Sony FCB-EV7520 and -EV7520A cameras are now end-of-life. Please contact sales for remaining stock and alternative products. We recommend the Sony FCB-EV9520L as their improved successor.

The FCB-EV7520 and -EV7530A autofocus zoom cameras from Sony feature a 30x optical zoom lens. The back-illuminated Exmor R sensor with 0.01 lx minimum illumination enables customers to capture high-fidelity images even in very low-light scenarios.

Both cameras provide an upgrade migration path for the 720p FCB-EV5500 and 20x Optical Zoom EV series variants. The FCB-EV7520/EV7520A offer many sophisticated camera functions. Among others, the camera modules feature VISCA command protocol, Advanced Noise Reduction, Auto ICR, Spherical Privacy Zone Masking and Wide Dynamic Range. These market leading features are suitable for a variety of demanding applications.


Image sensor

1/2.8”-type Exmor R CMOS sensor

Number of effective pixels


Output pixels (H x V)

1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720

Video format

1080p/60, 1080p/59.94, 1080p/50, 1080p/30, 1080p/29.97, 1080p/25, 1080i/60, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/60, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 720p/30, 720p/29.97, 720p/25

Minimum illumination (50%, High Sensitivity mode ON)

ICR-Off mode: 0.01lx (shutter speed 1/30 sec), 0.0013lx (1/4 sec or 1/3 sec)
ICR-On mode: 0.0015lx (shutter speed 1/30 sec), 0.0008lx (1/4 sec or 1/3 sec, 30%)

Minimum illumination (50%, High Sensitivity mode OFF)

ICR-Off mode: 0.1lx (shutter speed 1/30 sec), 0.013lx (1/4 sec or 1/3 sec)
ICR-On mode: 0.006lx (shutter speed 1/30 sec)

Recommended illumination

100lx to 100,000lx


Auto / manual (0dB to 50.0dB, 0 to 28 steps)

Shutter speed

1/1 sec to 1/10,000 sec, 22 steps

Sync system


Exposure compensation

0dB to ± 10.5dB, 15 steps

Backlight compensation



Standard / straight

Aperture control

16 steps

White balance

Auto, ATW, indoor, outdoor, one push WB, manual WB, outdoor auto, sodium vapor lamp (Fix / auto / outdoor auto)

AE (Auto exposure mode)

Full auto, manual, priority mode (shutter / iris), EV compensation, spot exposure, slow AE

Lens (wide to tele)

30x optical zoom f=4.3mm to 129mm, F1.6 to F4.7

Zoom mode

Standard mode / variable mode / direct mode

Digital zoom

12x (max 360x with optical zoom)

Zoom movement speed - optical wide to optical tele

5.0 sec (focus tracking ON), 2.5 sec (focus tracking OFF) [FCB-EV7520A]
4.6 sec (focus tracking ON), 3.2 sec (focus tracking OFF) [FCB-EV7520]

Zoom movement speed - optical wide to digital 12x tele

7.0 sec (29.97p / 59.94p), 7.4 sec (25p / 50p) [FCB-EV7520A]
6.7 sec (29.97p / 59.94p), 7.1 sec (25p / 50p) [FCB-EV7520]

Zoom movement speed - digital wide to digital 12x tele

2.1 sec (29.97p / 59.94p), 2.5 sec (25p / 50p) [FCB-EV7520A]
2.2 sec (29.97p / 59.94p), 2.7 sec (25p / 50p) [FCB-EV7520]

Focusing system

Auto focus (normal AF, interval AF, zoom trigger AF [sensitivity: normal, low])
Manual (standard, variable, direct), one push trigger, near limit, full scan one push trigger, IR correction

Horizontal viewing angle (1080p / 1080i mode) (wide to tele)

63.7° (Wide) to 2.3° (Tele)

Horizontal viewing angle (720p mode) (wide to tele)

63.7° (Wide) to 2.3° (Tele)

Minimum object distance

10mm (Wide) to 1200mm (Tele)


Auto ICR




Visibility enhancer



Yes (low / mid / high)

Noise reduction

Yes (3D + 2D / independent setting (3D, 2D)

Image stabilization




Flicker reduction

Yes (FCB-EV7520A only).

Spot light avoidance

Yes (FCB-EV7520A only).

Digital output


Motion detection


Spherical privacy zone masking




Slow AE response


Picture effects

Black & white (monochrome image)

Picture freeze


Electronic flip (e-flip)


Mirror image


Slow shutter


Temperature readout


Title display

Yes (20 characters / line, max. 11 lines)

Camera mode display

Yes (English)


Power requirements

6.0V to 12.0V

Power consumption

3.2W (when the motor operates: 4.0W)

Operating temperature

-5°C to +60°C

Storage temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Operating humidity

20% to 80% (absolute humidity: 36 g/m3)

Storage humidity

20% to 95% (absolute humidity: 36 g/m3)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

89.7 x 50.0 x 60.0mm


Approx. 250g


Video output (HD)

Digital: Y / Pb / Pr 4:2:2 (LVDS)
(Y: 8-bit, C: 8-bit, Vsync, Hsync, field, clock) (SMPTE274M / SMPTE296M)

Camera control interface

VISCA protocol (CMOS 5V level)
Baud rate: 9.6 kbps, 19.2 kbps, 38.4 kbps, 115.2 kbps, stop bit: 1-bit

Ordering Information

Part number Description


Sony FCB-EV7520 autofocus-zoom camera.


Sony FCB-EV7520A autofocus-zoom camera.


Harrier 30x AF-Zoom 3G-SDI Camera (Sony FCB-EV7520A).

Please use the part number AS-CIB-3GSDI-002-7520-A for ordering the combination with the Sony FCB-EV7520.


Harrier 3G-SDI Camera Interface Board. Analog composite output (when in 720p50/59.94/60 operating modes). Support for HD-VLC compression technology. Board only, no cables included.


Harrier 30x AF-Zoom USB/HDMI Camera (Sony FCB-EV7520A).

Please use the part number AS-CIB-USBHDMI-002-7520-A for ordering the combination with the Sony FCB-EV7520.


Harrier USB/HDMI Camera Interface Board for autofocus-zoom block cameras; provides simultaneous USB 3 video (UVC) and HDMI video output. Board only, no cables included.


Harrier 30x AF-Zoom HDMI Camera (Sony FCB-EV7520A).

Please use the part number AS-CIB-HDMI-001-7520-A for ordering the combination with the Sony FCB-EV7520.


Harrier HDMI Camera Interface Board. Board only, no cables included.


Harrier 30x AF-Zoom IP Camera (Sony FCB-EV7520A).

Please use the part number AS-CIB-IP-00x-7520-A for ordering the combination with the Sony FCB-EV7520.

[x= 1 (regular, Ethernet), 2 (wireless, Ethernet), 3 (regular, PoE), 4 (wireless, PoE)]


30-way micro-coax cable for connecting the interface board to the camera. Length 100mm (Manufacturer: KEL, part number: USL20-30SS-010-C).


30-way micro-coax cable for connecting the interface board to the camera. Length 50mm (Manufacturer: KEL, part number: USL20-30SS-005-C).


Metal bracket, screws and spacers for mounting Harrier camera interface boards to Sony FCB-EV7520 or -EV7520A.

Harrier AF-Zoom cameras

Watch this video to learn more about Harrier AF-Zoom cameras: