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Providing advanced imaging products, embedded systems and solutions

Skills and Capabilities at Active Silicon

Active Silicon offers custom design services

For over 30 years, Active Silicon has manufactured computer imaging and embedded products. We are a leading global provider of custom embedded systems and custom embedded vision systems, camera electronics for video transmission and image acquisition boards. Our high-tech products are put to work at the forefront of imaging and embedded technology.

We offer expertise and experience in the industry to help to find the best solutions for your application. How can we assist you with our hardware and FPGA design skills, our software development expertise and our experience in efficient prototyping and manufacturing?

Whether you need a full custom turnkey solution, or you would like us to tailor an existing product to your needs, we can support you with our systems expertise and design skills.

System / Hardware / FPGA design skills and capabilities

Hardware design engineer working on a PCB design

System level design
  • Definition of the architecture, the logical and the physical design of the product
  • 3D mechanical design
Schematics & PCB design
  • Component selection and optimal pin-out
  • High-speed, multi-Gbit designs
  • DDR3 and DDR4 capabilities
FPGA/VHDL design
  • Extensive firmware skills to support complex hardware
  • CoaXPress and Camera Link IP cores
  • Experts in Xilinx and Lattice

Software development and applications

Laptop displaying software code

Active Silicon has always provided software support for its many hardware product lines and has extensive experience developing software under Windows, Linux, QNX and macOS. Our skills in software include:

  • Kernel drivers for several operating systems: Windows, Linux, QNX, macOS
  • Libraries / API design and implementation
  • Graphics display: DirectX, OpenGL, CUDA
  • GUI application design (Qt, C# / WPF)
  • GenICam / GenTL
  • Application software for custom embedded systems

Prototyping and Manufacturing

Active Silicon staff working at our operations facility in Langley, UK


With the help of established local partners, we assure:

  • Fast turn-around on PCB and assembly prototyping
  • Fast turn-around on prototyping for mechanical parts
  • Scale modelling using CAD data e.g. 3D printing (Rapid Prototyping)
Manufacturing, testing and supply chain management
  • Manufacturing of board level parts with established partners, who we have been working with for over ten years and have a proven record of success and quality
  • Inspection of each step and final system assembly in-house at Active Silicon
  • Thorough testing of the final products managed in-house
  • Supply chain management of all components managed by Active Silicon

Working with the Active Silicon team

The Active Silicon team - here at the Active Silicon booth at the Vision Show Stuttgart

Our friendly team of enthusiastic engineers is looking forward to working with you and your colleagues. Let’s find the best solutions for your project by considering all important aspects including performance requirements, costs, product life time and quality assurance.

We are looking forward to discussing your project and supporting you with our expertise in:

  • Creating a customized system with exactly the right functionality for your requirements
  • Finding the optimal solution for your electronic, electrical and mechanical challenges
  • Providing combined knowledge of qualified experts and leading-edge production processes
  • Quick and economic implementation into your vision system
  • Assuring compliance with ISO-9001:2015, RoHS, REACH and other industry specifications
  • Guaranteeing on-going support for the lifetime of the product
  • Helping you to leave your team free to remain focused on their core responsibilities

Get in touch to see how Active Silicon can support your system design.