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HarrierControl Camera Software

  • Delivers easy VISCA communication over TTL, RS-232, RS-485, COM ports and USB.
  • Supports Harrier/Oriole/Tamron/Sony AF-zoom cameras.
  • Supports Harrier camera interface boards.
  • Easy to use command line interface.
  • Interactive text based menu system.
  • Enables custom camera support configuration for the Harrier USB/HDMI Camera Interface Board.


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The HarrierControl Camera Software is a Windows 10 command line test/evaluation tool that enables VISCA communication with Harrier camera interface boards, Harrier and Oriole cameras, as well as Tamron and Sony FCB-EV-series cameras.

When used with the Harrier Evaluation Board it can send and receive VISCA communications over TTL/RS-232/RS-485.  In addition it can support VISCA communication over standard COM ports and the Harrier USB/virtual COM port interface. It has two modes of operation, single VISCA command line mode (this sends a single VISCA command/inquiry and receives the response) or  interactive mode (where users can select the operation required using a simple text based menu system).

The HarrierControl Camera Software can also be used to configure the custom camera support on the Harrier USB/HDMI Camera Interface Board over the USB connection.

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HarrierControl Camera Software v.1.4.1 zip 15.17 MB