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Computer Imaging Technology for Research and Scientific Applications

Observatory above the clouds - Active Silicon frame grabbers acquire high-speed images for astronomers

Research and scientific applications benefit from Active Silicon’s high-speed, reliable and ruggedized image capture technology and versatile, cost-effective autofocus-zoom cameras.

High-speed imaging projects using Active Silicon frame grabbers

Active Silicon products are used in many different research and scientific projects, including several projects that require very high-speed and high-resolution image acquisition. Image capture and real-time processing plays a vital role in certain microscopic and spectroscopic applications, as well as various imaging techniques employed in solar and deep space astronomy. For example, our cutting-edge FireBird Camera Link and CoaXPress frame grabbers and our Camera Link frame grabbers in embedded form factors are used in observatories and near-Earth astronomy projects all over the world.CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers used in scientific applications

Harrier autofocus-zoom cameras for research projects

Similar to industrial inspection of pipes, plants and even underwater objects, UAVs and ROVs are also used in research projects and are often custom built for the purpose at hand. Our Harrier AF-zoom camera range offers an ideal solution for every project, from very small and light camera options, to AF-Zoom cameras with global shutter and cameras with very powerful >50x optical zoom. The cameras are full HD or 4K and come in a range of video output format options (LVDS, SDI, HDMI, USB 3, IP Ethernet etc. Have a look at our range on our camera page or click related products below.

A range of Harrier AF-Zoom cameras

Applications using Active Silicon computer imaging solutions

Some of the scientific applications that employ our frame grabbers or cameras:

  • High-speed and high-res image acquisition
  • Ruggedized image acquisition in harsh environments
  • Recording of HD video and real-time image processing
  • 3D/4D image rendering
  • Atmospheric, solar & deep space imaging
  • Adaptive optics, speckle imaging and lucky imaging
  • UAV and ROV inspection and surveillance applications
  • Polarized light and fluorescence microscopy
  • Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging for microscopy (more in Life Science computer vision solutions)
  • X-ray fluoroscopy, radiography and CT
  • Material composition and structure analysis including micro- and optical spectroscopy

The frame grabber and camera products below are suitable for research and scientific applications. Each research project comes with different objectives, contact us to discuss your specific scientific imaging requirements.