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Industrial Automation Imaging Solutions

Fast beverage production line - Active Silicon provides components for high-speed inspection systems

Our imaging components and camera solutions add accuracy and reliability to high-speed inspection and factory automation.

High-speed frame grabbers and AF-Zoom block cameras

Modern production requires higher resolution images and faster inspection which result in the need for powerful high-speed image acquisition. With the increase in process automation and implementation of Industry 4.0 technology, our state-of-the art CoaXPress and Camera Link frame grabbers are improving manufacturing and machine vision applications globally. Our autofocus-zoom camera solutions and the associated line of camera interface boards bring high-speed, flexible imaging to production lines, factory processes and warehouse solutions.

We can help OEM customers and system integrators to implement vision systems in the fields of:

  • Fill-level inspection and metrology
  • Process and factory automation
  • Time-of-flight, hyperspectral and 3D imaging
  • Multi-camera systems
  • Quality control
  • Inspection set-ups requiring real-time, flexible triggering
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), including solder joint inspection
  • Part selection including defective and missing part identification
  • High-speed machine vision for industrial inspection
  • Automated control of machining tools (CNC), including mills, lathes and laser cutters
  • Food sorting systems and packaging machines

The data provided by such vision systems ensures increased efficiency and versatility across the sector, lowering operational costs and increasing profit margins. We support many well-established customers who benefit from our image and video acquisition cards, delivering better quality control, analysis and troubleshooting across production lines and other manufacturing applications.

Active Silicon provides products for pharmaceutical vial inspection, cameras for robotic arms and high-speed frame grabbers for AOI

Products we recommend for automation and robotics applications

coaxpress frame grabber for life science applications

CoaXPress frame grabbers for AOI and other high-speed inspection applications

Where high-speed image data acquisition, long cable length, best performance and 24/7 guaranteed reliability is needed, CoaXPress is the go-to standard. Active Silicon was involved in the development of this dedicated Machine Vision standard from the start and our range of FireBird CXP-12 and CXP-6 CoaXPress frame grabbers support the latest and fastest cameras on the market and are ideal for advanced multi-camera systems. The FireBird cards are supported by software tools including our software development kit, ActiveSDK, and ActiveCapture front-end software, which enables camera and frame grabber control.

Autofocus-zoom block cameras for manufacturing and automation

AF-zoom cameras for automation and robotics applications
Active Silicon offers a wide variety of AF-Zoom block cameras to be integrated into camera systems in factory automation and process automation applications. This includes very compact 10x optical zoom variants, but also powerful zoom models with up to 40x optical zoom. Global shutter options are available for clear and accurate imaging of fast-moving objects. Cameras with Ethernet IP connectivity enable simple networking on the factory or warehouse floor.

Below are a few of the most commonly used products in this sector for supporting high-speed cameras, machine control, robotics, automation and machine vision applications. Contact us for advice on how to add speed, accuracy and reliability to your machine vision system.